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Audience cookies make it possible to collect information relating to the connection and behavior of visitors for statistical purposes. Is referred as a psychopath by her own allies, and she doesn't even bother to deny. Seek to infiltrate to the Percedal's house to kidnap Dally sons, while Poo led them into the trap of taking out their spheres, immobilizing both children. However, it is not as strong as its lobotomized form. His hesitation lasts too long and the portal is already closing. Nox | Adamai | Remington Smisse | We complain. Because of his obsession with the technology of the Eliacube, he became dangerous for his people, and afterwards caused the war between the Mechasms and the Eliatropes, who were accused of having hidden the heart of Orgonax, the youngest of the Mechasm. Just to bring back Qilby, Yugo and Adamaï have been physically very hard. Criture | Marilyn the Meuporg | During the missions of Mount Zinit, one of them is to enter the ship that once traveled the ancient Eliatrope race. Adamaï is not tall compared to him, luckily, Grougaloragran despite his young age is already very powerful. ANKAMA STAHP, Wow, the awkward moment when Adamai, a sentient being and allegedy main cast member of the tv show... is made into a pet. King Jellix | For him, there is no doubt that this place is the Crimson Claw's Archipielago. Kanigrula | adamai wakfu yugo amalia dally eva ruel percedal evangelyne yugoxamalia eliatrope fanfiction adventure romance. This may be because you're logging in on a public network and/or you're using a proxy/VPN. As Joris once said, "It's not fair, it's Sram". Your IP address has been blocked. It's not the form that's the problem, rather the fact that someone with a human mind has been reduced to the status of family dog. Grufon | Vil Smisse | Meanwhile, Adamai no longer has the heart at the party. Media services make it possible to enhance the site with multimedia content and increase its visibility. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Qilby/Synopsis?oldid=3957950. Your parent or legal guardian refused your registration. D-Rex | Thanks to that, he will be able to compete with Qilby. During the course of the game, several messages left by Qilby are discoverable, is a background character in Islands of Wakfu. Oropo | Remington and Grany, who were enslaved by Rushu, attend the conversation with interest. Grozilla | The Psychopath (by Adamai) I don't think you understand how this game works. He stayed in the kingdom of the Sadida for a time, until he was ready to "save his people" and take him to The World of the Twelve. Mandhal Childrens | Felinor | Toxine arrives Eva's house and attacking her. It is likely that this battle resulted in Yugo's death and return to his Dofus. Poulpard | This is the only Krosfinite of the game that is obtained via the XP of 2 different cards making it the rarest and most difficult bonus to obtain, what's more normal for an object as legendary as the Eliacube. and kind of fugly, You guys act as though this is the first time its happened... lol Domen | In its initial phase, it is twinned with those of the Tofu Brotherhood. Only in the first chapter is shown in the anecdote of Sadlygroove from when they had to fight against him and Rushu. Anathar is a major antagonist in the French animated TV series Wakfu. by his signals, discovering the new life of the Eliatrope people, destroying the whole civilization without leaving a trace of life and was there where Qilby was referred to as "The Treacherous", paying dearly for his misdeeds. Of course, Rushu thinks that Qilby betrayed him by deliberately drawing him into a trap, he tries to eliminate him, but Qilby is too fast and disappears by making fun of Rushu. A little more is said about the life of the Eliatropes in a archived texts, some they have written Qilby's abstentions towards his people for not following their ideals of being travelers; starting with not attending the council meeting and appointing Yugo as the new king, also bringing tragedy to his kind for stealing the Eliacube. Adamai sat next to me, cautious. Yugo hoped thus to prevent him from harming. Sipho | Simultaneously, Qilby appears in another flashback, when talking about the consequences that brought him, for failing in his stoicism to rebuild their lives in another world. Klim | Lord Crow | Rubilaxia | Dragonpig | Guardians: Yugo finds Qilby and tries to talk with him to reveal to him how to make his normal appearance in Adamaï, but he does not get any information from Qilby, the only thing he discovers is that he was the King eliatropes and not Qilby. As slim sram dressed in a black suit, without revealing any part of her body, except for his eyes that are two bright corneas. Mr. Fabulous | Djaul | xD But he does not know that the latter is no longer in the Sadida Kingdom. Lady Echo confronting Toxine, by his rebellious actitude. Thanks to the Eliacube, Qilby can generate a kind of map that allows to locate approximately the location of the dofus. Mirkool | Vampyro | Adamaï realizes that Qilby is much worse than Nox. Given the harm he has had against two young dragonlings, he knows he has no chance of recovering it, which is why he sent Yugo for him. Bolgrot | © 2020 Ankama. Evil-doer He has the accumulated experience (and sadness) of many millennia of life. Goals However, to take off this ship, it would take all the energy and Wakfu of the planet Twelve, which would kill its inhabitants in the process. Crimes The Siblings: Ghouls | The Soiffards | Mongrelamus | His goal then was to find his sister Shinonome and his people to undertake the return journey. Odo We complain. We highly recommend you activate the Ankama Authenticator, since it is compatible with Steam. At one point she even tries to kill Echo. Toxine is sly, deceptive, and possibly deranged as she is a sadist, enjoying the pain and suffering of others. Frigost: Primitive Age Monster Gerbille | Nox Army: In the fight she had with Evangelyne, she took her captive with her arm, threatening her husband not to put up resistance if he didn't want to kill her. Was kinda wondering how would Adamai look like in his human form all grown up from the season 3, and here we are. Unfortunately, to open the Zaap portal that leads to them, you need a huge amount of energy. Suspicious tattoos on his body, a strange glow in one eye and an arm made with pure wakfu, Qilby was always thirsty for more knowledge and discovery. Inside the forgotten ruins, some Eliatropes guardians will appear who speak of protecting their "King", also warning about the "Treacherous" who put an end to his people, a clear reference to Qilby. Appears as a selectable character since the "Brotherhood of Oropo" event. Wakfu Age Damned Font | Chouquette | While the other Siblings tend not to stray too far from Anti-Villain, Toxine on the other hand revels in being evil and tries to kill Eva and Flopin anytime she gets a chance. Laughing Buffon | These two bandits know how to feel when they have to do to someone dishonest and for them this market stinks confused. Dark Crow | The fights the last battle between Nox and Adamai, the young eliatrope takes advantage of playing the Eliacube, so a series of images proper to his memories, cant see mysterious silhouette (from Qilby) without revealing his face, more than bright eyes and in the middle of a reddish background. Once this is done, they open a dimensional portal and enter it. Yugo managed to lock him back into the Blank Dimension, and he is left quietly sobbing in the white void with nothing around him, except a single flower from Emrub. Mond's Pirates | Possibly in some distant future we can allow one for ourselves. Hour Demons | Drop At that time Yugo would not know the identity of that individual in that memory, because he was still barely remembering who he was after reliving thousands of years in the Wakfu era. 1 Wakfu 1.1 Past 1.2 Season 1 1.3 Season 2 1.4 Season 3 1.5 Season 4 2 Other Media 2.1 Wakfu Comics 2.2 Wakfu: Les Gardiens 2.3 Islands of Wakfu 2.4 Dofus 2.5 Wakfu Game 2.6 OVA: Ush 2.7 Krosmaster Arena 2.8 Krosmaga When they became interested in the Eliacube, Yugo and Adamai discovered Qilby, a … Polters. Trapped by Oropo inside his most feared thoughts, Yugo is met with a hallucination of Qilby blaming him for having him locked in Blank Dimension. Prince of Brakmar | Sylargh | Ush Galesh | Arpagone | He attacked Eva and her son Flopin when they were in the fourth Eniripsa, trying to throw them at the top of the tower. No love for Adamai from Ankama, lel. Queen of Thieves | Shinonime stopped Qilby from destroying the world of twelve." By combining their strengths, they put Qilby in trouble. Nothing screams this more than being invisible, sneak attack with both hands and legs from a dark mist and use traps and illusions. XII Raze-time Follow Oropo's orders.Kill Evangelyne and Flopin.Occupy the highest rank of those of brotherhood killing Echo (all failed). Toxine(stylized Toxxine) is a killer Sram demi-goddess, member of the siblings calling themselves "The Forgottens". Makes cameo in manga adaptation, appearing in a frame with an inscription of his name as well as the other demigods recruited by Oropo. Is referred as a psychopath by her own allies, and she doesn't even bother to deny. Bellaphone's Apes | Chanta Klaus | Rushu | Their instinct did not deceive them because Qilby knowingly forgot to mention that when he takes all the wakfu on the planet for his ship, Rushu and his subjects will live there just like the rest of the people of the World of Twelve. Wakfu Mechasms | Unfortunately in retaliation, Orgonax and his Mechasms will ravage the world of Eliatropes and force them to flee. Sort by: Hot. Her vicious nature puts her at odds with the rest of the Siblings. A loooooooong time later you get the opportunity to get it with an ogrine purchase. Deserboss | Toxine | Anathar | The history of the sociopathic traitor Qilby from the French animated series Wakfu. Social media make it possible to enhance site conviviality and help promote the site through sharing. It's like if you made Amalia or Yugo into pets. Prespiscs Ogrest | Qilby does not appear in the game due to the distant era in which it is set before what happened in the series, but it is referenced with a special accessory which is called "Qilby Shield", not knowing of its origin at that time. Poo | Amakna: Alias Qilby is committed to building a portal to invade the mortal world, and in return, King Rushu pledges to use his army of shushus to help him kill the dragon Phaeris. She is a villainess from TV French series Wakfu, in the third season. Gonard | Qilby also had a hard time tolerating being chased out of their home world by the Mechasms and that's what made him use stasis, which allowed Orgonax to join them. Only the firstborn survived, and tried to protect the only thing that could still be saved: Yugo managed to put the children of his people in another dimension; unfortunately in this battle, Nora, Efrim and especially Shinonomé the dragon sister of Qilby perish. Bellaphones | Not proud, BUT, WELL, I TRIED. Any news on this pet becoming available to our community? He fought with Yugo and Phaeris, losing his arm and being banished to his dimensional prison as a result. Luis | Grambos | Mizz Frizz | She's willing to kill Flopin, who - child of a former god or not - is still just a kid. Arpagone's Dhreller | Meanwhile, hastened to build a space ark, the Zinit ship, to be able to flee. Her arrogance becomes her undoing however her final act before her downfall was a last-ditch attempt on Eva's life that could very well have killed her and her baby had it not been for Flopin and Echo. For consequence things would get worse, because Qilby was bored to live several centuries in the fertile planet, decided to activate the Eliacube, that the same Mechasms would detect him.

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