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what to wear with blue suede shoes

“It’s best on more relaxed styles like brogue derbies or … And, your next best bet is to pair these colors with light to medium earthy neutrals, or just about any shade of gray. Let us know over on our Facebook page, or leave a comment below. If you want to wear navy blue shoes with white -- and avoid getting ship-related comments -- my first tip is to skip wearing stripes. Grey,Dark blue chinos or dark brown jeans . And when the weather warms up coloured brogues look great worn with shorts and no socks. Go ahead and introduce a pair of blue suede low top sneakers to this ensemble for a bit more edginess. If you wish to effortlessly up the ante of this ensemble with shoes, why not complete this outfit with a pair of blue suede double monks? But the real fun starts when you look at the colors that are opposite of each other on a color wheel. Suede is the chukka boot’s original material. I wouldn't recommend getting those shoes if you are having a very hard time visualizing what to wear them with. (Charles Robinson), Answer: They do say the old jokes are the best, but personally I would have been punching people after an hour or two of Elvis jokes so I admire Charles for his good humour. The problem is, this color combination is so often used in conjunction with a seaside theme that it's easy to look nautical even when you're not trying to. Blue suede shoes always seem like a better idea than they actually are. On top of all that, they're also some of the most fun shades of blue to work with. When your jacket provides the balance of blue needed to really rock blue derbies, you can wear tan slacks with a dark brown belt and a white button-up, and omit the tie altogether. To wear blue shoes successfully you must know which colours they work with, and which colours they don’t. It's when we move beyond neutrals that things start to get a little tricky. But be careful, wearing the exact same shade of blue for your entire outfit can look a bit odd. Here’s how to wear blue suede with confidence. Prepare to be inspired. Perfect for summer, they’re the epitome of the smart-casual dress code. Other colors that look great with these deep shades of blue include fuchsia, deep orange and  nearly any shade of green. The best combo with blue would simply be jeans - … Top Row (L to R): Alden (Picture Courtesy of Leather Soul), Oliver Sweeney Bottom Row (Both): Opening Ceremony The best thing about blue suede shoes is that they look absolutely amazing when worn casually, even if it is a suit, I would more wear it with either a nice slim-fit pair of dark denim jeans or a casual, non-creased khaki-colored pair of pants. Wear them with chinos and a long-sleeved shirt on a summer evening, or keep it casual with jeans and a t-shirt. If your wardrobe consists entirely of black and brown leather shoes, suede is an easy way to introduce a little colour. For more tips on how to wear loafers of all styles, take a look at the Samuel Windsor’s guide to loafers. What colour do you wear with blue shoes? The contrast in these combinations is so pleasing, you don't really need a lot of other choices. Perfect for fall and winter, and also a favorite in warmer weather, dark shades of blue look fantastic with white. level 2. To give your overall ensemble a more relaxed spin, why not complement your look with a pair of blue suede low top sneakers? But before we get into those details, let's take a really quick look at a color wheel. Or, you can scrap the color wheel all together, and just look for a harmonious color scheme, like two or three colors you might find together in nature. Oct 29, 2020 - You'll find blue heels, wedges, boots, flats, and sandals for all occasions!. A navy overcoat and a beige suit are a sophisticated combo that every stylish guy should have in his collection. Blue suede shoes, a legend in their own right, are a classy alternative to more common neutral tones. Elvis’ blue suede shoes would have looked something like this.Image source: Classic lightweight brogue in navy suede from Samuel Windsor. If in doubt, take it back to basics and consult the colour chart. I wouldn't recommend getting those shoes if you are having a very hard time visualizing what to wear them with. Recently, a pair worn by Elvis Presley were sold at a charity auction for £48,000! What To Wear With Blue Suede Shoes. Blue suede loafers. They're just magic together. The blue canvas derby shoes are not designed to go under a formal dress and a try to pull them off under a formal dress would not go well. With shoes, go for something on the relaxed end of the spectrum and finish this look with a pair of blue suede double monks. Muted and dusky shades of blue have such a nice, soft, relaxed vibe that they're perfect for pairing with light to medium neutrals and earthy shades like creams, taupes, tans, and beiges. Wear these two colors together and you'll have instant contrast. Below, I'll address some of the most popular shades, along with what colors to wear with them. Blue Suede Derby Shoes. How to wear blue suede shoes. Blue suede monks. Opt for complementary shades of the same tone, such as light blue and navy. Casual Look. Can You Use Shaving Cream With An Electric Razor. Ted Baker London Sobossy Trim Fit Print Sport Shirt. If your shoes are a bit more on the blue side of the spectrum, look to pair them with shades of orange, especially light to mid-tones like corals and peaches. Pair them with your traditional navy lounge suit when you’re attending a more celebratory event or want to take the formality down a notch. Perfect for summer, ... Blue suede brogues. Pair them with a green bag and green heeled sandals to achieve this causal yet remarkable look. Colors that are next to each other on a color wheel are considered analogous colors. © 2020 Base London Online Shoe Shop All rights reserved. So far, so good. If you opt for blue suede, your monk straps will make a flamboyant statement. As we all know, the color "blue" could mean one of a million shades. If you wear powder blue shoes with a black dress, you'll want your belt, bag, and any non-metallic jewelry to be as closely matched to your shoes as possible. Keep a simple, limited color scheme. 10 Best Shampoo for Excess Sebum That Actually Work. Beige, stone and cream work particularly well with navy. Wear them with a suit or chino and blazer combo – but keep the rest of your outfit subtle. I wear them in late spring and summer with jeans, White cotton chinos/Khaki's, white jeans, shorts, and on top I wear a lacoste or polo shirt or a long sleeve linen or casual sport shirt. Bonobos Crows Slim Fit Print Nest Sport Shirt. In this case, you can wear an electric blue or aqua blue shoes. In some cases, the combination might seem too harsh, but at other times, the added pop of a complementary color is exactly what the stylist ordered. Make a navy blazer and grey dress pants your outfit choice to exude class and sophistication. Typically this happens when someone wears dark denim with a navy blazer. One of the most popular colors in general, blue is also a favorite choice in women's shoes, falling in line behind black and shades of brown. And even when we get more specific by specifying a shade like "green-blue," it still isn't a term that is universal enough to guarantee good results. I would now like to wear them more oftern, however I do not know what I should pair them with. Ted Baker London Hewett Trim Fit Geometric Dress Shirt. Available in a range of styles, blue suede loafers are incredibly versatile. Perhaps that's why some class of teal, turquoise, or aqua is nearly always trending. Light and bright shades of greenish blues and blueish greens are perfect for spring and summer, while darker shades of teal and turquoise are especially well-suited to cooler weather. Suede shoes lend a casual elegance and effortless style to any outfit. Darker blue shades that are more on the green side will contrast nicely with deep shades of red and rust. Another magical combination is pairing shades of blue-greens with browns, as well as other mid to dark earth tones and neutrals. The safest colour to wear with your blue suede shoes is of course, blue! Add some flair to your look. Consider teaming a teal overcoat with a beige suit to exude class and refinement. Blue Suede Tassel Loafers. Blue Shoes, Blue Blazer, White Button Up, Red/Tan Pants You can offset the blue of your shoes with a blue blazer, which frees you up to pair your pants and tie. Neutral coloured clothes are another safe bet. Stay away from patterns and clothes with too much going on. It’s a relaxed design suited to all casual occasions. Here is a breezy outfit that makes use of such beautiful colors. Black can also be an awesome match for light blue, but you'll need to be diligent about the rest of your accessories. Tan Shoes. If you wish to immediately play down your ensemble with shoes, complete your getup with blue suede double monks. It would be nice to be able to wear them no matter the season, so any suggestions for this winter and coming spring/summer would be appreciated. If you want to wear navy blue shoes with white -- and avoid getting ship-related comments -- my first tip is to skip wearing stripes. Warm, tactile and versatile, suede shoes are the perfect way to prevent your outfit from being too smart or too casual. A green and sky blue combination is so refreshing as they resemble the colors of the nature. As you can see, blue is opposite of a orange shade. What to Wear With Blue Shoes – Know Different Casual and Formal Looks. Be Romantic: Blue is a romantic color, so if you plan to go for a date, i suggest you opt for an electric blue shoe and a yellow / white dress. Where blue shoes really come into their own is within your casual wardrobe, particularly in matte, textured materials such as suede and nubuck. Monk shoes are the ideal way to inject some personality into any outfit. However you choose to wear them, do so with confidence.

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