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wobbly rabbit syndrome

I found him dead at 145 PM. No funny smells or bleeding a mystery. And they have just a big a chance of dying during the surgery as the males do, Our baby bunny just died, he has one eye open and one closed and is cold. Ferrets are hunters and cat are wild animals will will hunt, frighten, or severely injure a pet bunny. Miss him like crazy. In the morning we checked on her and she still, like lying on her side and stomach, refusing to eat and unable to move. So far it is mainly in the southwest, west, and northwest. She was a bit quiet but not unusual or out of character for her. She was fine at 6:30am but by 10am she was laying in her side dead. my baby bunnies were 4 weeks old very healthy and happy we did play with them found 1 dead one day 2 days later 3 more dead but mother still taking care of last baby running around fine 2 days later dead heart broken they are jersey whooly thanks in advance for help no idea what could of happened, nice I love my rabbit and won't to be a big sharphird, i came home from school to find my dog in my room which he was supposed to be outside and i glanced at my bunny's cage and it was closed so i went out then my brother went in and said galaxie youre bunny is dead and i was like nah and then i went in and there he was laying on his side, his back was straight his head was up and he was stiff and cold nothing was wrong with his smell or poop or any symptoms this article mentioned and he was only 2 months old he was born in a house and brought to my moms clinic to get sold plus i only gave him pellets for food and a few treats like carrots and spinach, my mom said they were safe and i know she was right cause she is a vet, im just wondering why it was so sudden because my dog just tipped over the trash in my room to eat the trash he isnt aggresive toward my bunny either so i am still wondering what caused his death :'(, Hello, my rabbit died suddenly. Thank you. Another theory about th… Her eyes have been normal from what I’ve observed. Then i stumbled on the website and im still grieving. It hurts. My kitten is very wobbly and he does look like his drunk (most of my friends have picked up on it too) I thought he may of had something wrong with his leg or hips. Al I know is that she still needed milk. My bunny had free run of the house, but would not venture out of site of his cage, therefore he always stayed in the same room. Bunny wobbly and falling over (going to vet tomorrow), Bunny wobbly and falling over (going to vet tomorrow)!-->, This topic has 16sd replies, 5 voices, and was last updated. He was fully grown when we took him in so I would guess he was 7 1/2 years old when he died. The vets should be available 24/7 and made a lot cheaper as animals should also have emergency access to healthcare. Do you have any metacam at home? He was vaccinated, and saw his vet regularly, We had 2 rabbits from a breeder one became ill within 36 hours and died. Use a fly guard in your rabbit's environment and keep your pet on a proper diet: no carrots, lettuce, or bread. My checkered giant bunnie, 1 1/2 year old passed away on christmas, she was totally fine in the morning, spent bonding time the night before with a few treats and checked her later afternoon she was stretched out in her liter box still a bit warm. Slowly introduce them to one another. He was laying on his side barely alive. You could try serving it in a bowl or offering it on a spoon and see if she’ll try it. If you are planning to get a bunny, train your dog beforehand and keep them away from each other. I went with him fast to vet but he didnt know what can be so he made him 3 injections to try to make him better. It didn't with our one case. I named him Grace, because God Gave us grace to keep him longer in our home. Floppy bunny syndrome is one of the more dramatic and alarming conditions that a rabbit owner can experience. You might have seen my thread about my bereaved bunny called Darwin, who is now very poorly. Rabbits become senior citizens at 7-8 years of age. Our 6 month old baby girl Holland lop "Lucky" died shortly after being spayed. The noise of the machine would make it hard for the bunny to hear other things, and we would always speak before entering the room, so the bunny would not be surprised by our approach. Supportive care is all that can be done for FRS. Absolutely the best vet, they are so caring and dedication to their job. RIP Misty xx. How old should kittens be before they leave their mother? A rabbit may have a history of health problems that the seller does not disclose. Treatment needs to be immediate and includes anti-inflammatory steroid injections, Stemetil syrup to relieve head tilt, a course of Baytril antibiotic followed by probiotics indefinitely, Ivomec subcutaneously or in drops once a week for three weeks or a large animal wormer, oxytetracycline, Vitamin E and physiotherapy. 3 days ago it was always not having fun with the other rabbit it was very strange. The information is not intended to diagnose or treat your pet. (Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus. Hopefully she will be a little better in the morning! She was only three months..we gave her a nice proper burial but I’m going to be mourning for a long time. Floppy rabbit syndrome is can be but is rarely fatal. Wobbler syndrome can be managed with medications that help to reduce the inflammation in the neck and activity will need to be restricted. Air is drawn into an oxygen concentrator machine where the nitrogen is stripped away, leaving almost pure oxygen to be sent down the hose. Females need to be spade for two reasons. All rabbits, and most other animals, need to come outside in the summer, and they enjoy it as much as we do. However, it's important to take extra care and always make sure a kitten with the problem is carefully monitored and ideally, they should be kept in a carpeted area to avoid them slipping. It is highly recommended you spay a female rabbit as early as possible. Please read about our Forum Culture and check out the Rules. One of the more common causes being an infection associated with feline panleukopenia virus or FPV. Today my bunny is dead ..he was very good until the last night ..i givehim somemilk to drink in the morning he drinks and plays with us suddenly at 3 pm we notice that she was not moving within 15 mins she died ...what could be the reason of sudden death ...actually a deathwithin 1 hour as i checked him before 1hour. Maybe she’d want to eat a little bit of rolled oats? He had stayed at this place at other times in the past. I was fortunate enough to have metacam and baytril (previously subscribed for her) at home so I gave a dose of each as it was a Sunday. Within 2 months the original rabbit was found dead in the hutch. You should ALWAYS, ALWAYS neuter *and* spay rabbits, 80% of female rabbits will get cancer by age 4 and be dead soon after. If the rabbit falls to the floor they may break their backbone or neck. We did give him carrots, lettuce and bread as I read that maybe wasn’t good. We had to go back to the vet on Tuesday as she was still not eating on her own. We knew she was pregnant and due to give birth, but we hadn't kept track of the days as her pregnancy was unexpected - she was 3 months old. my rabbit was fine at 11 when i fed her, i found her dead 1 hour later, still warm. There was brown goo around his mouth. Seek it out, and find a vet trained in exotics - rabbits cannot be treated by a standard cat and dog vet! The service and care have been exceptional from the very start! That day there was a big hail storm that was extremely loud. then i set her down and she just layed. We took him in and he lived in our garage for 6 years. She would lick my hand as I was holding her head up so she could drink water While we were trying to reach her vet. My bunny was with me all morning, perfectly fine. He died in my arms after letting out 2 yelps and was shaking =(. GI stasis is usually fatal as by the time you notice the rabbit is in distress it's too late. The cause is believed to be genetic. I talk to him still and know that he'll be back home with us soon where he belongs. Swallowing a sharp or large object can literally tear a rabbit's insides, causing severe internal bleeding. Always fatal. Ciência Rural, v.49, n.1, 2019. I went to feed them dinner and she didn’t come eat. I went out to her cage and she was lying on her side and couldn’t move half her body, she then had a seizure. She was a dwarf satin rabbit, so she wasn’t supposed to get very big. She was fine last night after i gave her dinner, and then morning she was bleeding from her bottom and laying flat on the floor. Thank you for being honest about spayinh. Signs of poisoning are loss of appetite and discharge from the eyes, mouth, or anus. In the beginning, I asked a LOT of questions and he always made time to answer as soon as he could. Faders are weanlings that just don't seem to thrive. She was dead 12 hours later. Plain dead. She is so very cute, despite the wobbles. He wasn’t very bright for the first 6 months but I refused to believe his intelligence was lower than a bug. This domestic female California rabbit (with kits) may die if put through sterilization surgery. I just thought she was sleeping until I saw she had laid on her side (which she never had done that) I picked her up and she seemed....weak. We had the make the most traumatizing call and put her down because she was suffering. But that night, my sister took them into the house to play as she had done every weekend for nearly two years (they were only just about two years old). It generally disappears within a few days of treatment but may re-emerge after anticholinergic treatment is stopped. He had been fine right before I put him to bed... played with his cat friends, ate, drank, and pooped as usual. This is such a stressful situation. Thought she was sleeping because i didnt see the blood at first. But the reception woman palmed us by the time we sat back in car she started fitting or i reckon a heart attack. That night I couldn’t get to sleep. He then had discharge from they eye but we cleared that up. There are some theories that it might be linked to genetics but nothing definitive has been proven yet. Do not buy a terrier such as a Westie or Schnauzer, as these are hunting dogs and are extremely hard to train to leave a rabbit alone. Floppy rabbit syndrome is can be but is rarely fatal. Sadly, we couldn't take her to the vet to know what happened, but it seems to me she had a heart arrest because it was unexpected. He was my therapy. Most rabbits stop growing between 18-24 months of age and a healthy rabbit can live for 9-12 years. I tried warming him up but that didn't work. Sometimes a vet might recommend bandaging a joint or limb to help keep things in place until the problem is resolved. Vitamin E is necessary for the absorption of selenium, a mineral which is part of an enzyme which is involved in the removal of peroxides formed normally in the tissues. That was eight months and several prescription refills ago. Wobbly Kitten Syndrome refers to musculoskeletal or neurological disorders that can negatively affect a kitten's movements. The vets we took her palmed us even though i went back in with her and begged for us to wait to be seen. Her poor mate is also grieving. All vaccinations and treatments given i.e fly strike. The most susceptible are small rabbits and weanlings.

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