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world record whitetail

On Jan. 9, a team of five judges convened at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s headquarters in Nashville to determine the buck’s score. 6 Expert Opinions. “It’s a great state to hunt deer in; we have liberal limits and a long season,” Cross said. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Record white tail deer are recorded from most states in the USA and As a soft rain fell, Brewster looked to the east and saw a doe bound off, frightened by some unknown danger. “It was pretty exciting,” Tucker said. “Shooting this buck gave me a feeling I will probably never experience again," Hanson said, "even though I had no idea it would be declared the new Boone and Crockett Club's world’s record. non typical and scoring records are kept for both. “I’ve never ever seen anything like that,” Tucker said. . While it still would have been a new world record nontypical harvested by a hunter, being able to include it in the overall measurement of 327-7/8 inches and 39 points means it far surpasses the next-largest hunter-harvested nontypical whitetail, a 47-point, 312-inch buck taken by Stephen Tucker with a muzzleloader in Sumner County, Tennessee, in 2016. Boone & Crocket record whitetail deer may have been killed That afternoon, Brewster had to move to a stand farther south to give another hunter a crack at bagging Mufasa in the area where the buck had spent considerable time, based on game camera photos. The antlers “are in a very safe place, and they are not on display,” Tucker said. growth patterns. Expert trophy whitetail deer hunting tips and advice to help both novice and seasoned hunters improve their trophy hunting skills. on his own land. The previous record, 307 ⅝, was set in Iowa in 2003 by 15-year-old Tony Lovstuen, also with a muzzleloader. "The next morning, I met my neighbor, John Yaroshko, and we drove to meet Walter Meger and Rene Igini. With a final score of 327 7/8 inches, Brewster’s buck (above) was confirmed as the new P&Y world record non-typical whitetail. To ensure it stayed down, I fired another shot and the hunt ended. “In general, bucks do produce more nontypical points as they age,” said Dr. Grant Woods, a well-known deer biologist. Black BearGrizzly BearAlaska Brown BearPolar BearJaguarCougar, American Elk - Typical American Elk - Non-typicalNEW! "We posted ourselves around the willows," Hanson said, "and Rene walked the buck’s tracks. “The score might change a bit, but this young man will hold the world record,” Cross said. All rights reserved. Perhaps this is no more evident than when hunting during the rut, when deer travel patterns become unpredictable and, to many, downright mysterious. Status: B&C’s first world-record typical whitetail © Boone and Crockett B&C’s first world-record typical sports 30-plus-inch main beams. Help us to help you become the best Whitetail Deer Hunter you can be. I have watched a ton of shows on T.V.over the years and do not ever recall anything mentioned about the fact that any Whitetail Deer Harvested is to me a trophy in its own right.We all have to know or understand it takes a lot of work and knowledge to be successful in this sport. Tennessee Hunter’s 47-Point Deer Breaks World Record. Copyright © 2020 Field & Stream. It was big, but how big? Life on the farm took a turn. Finding half of the arrow slathered in blood, Brewster surmised that he’d done lethal damage to the deer. record whitetails are 170" for the typical deer and 195" for the non The broken droptine would have reduced the overall measurement by about 20 inches. This may be due to genetics, injuries, etc.”.   Right 28 4/8 - Left 28 4/8, Circumference of smallest place between burr and first point: Year Taken: 1937 ‘You got him!’ John hollered. Down it went.   Right 4 6/8 - Left 5. antlers which are not balanced on the left and right or have unusual Then again he hasn’t had to travel far to find incredible hunting. “When I squeezed, all that went off was the primer cap,” he said. Start saving on all things hunting today with a GotHunts PRO Membership. “On the night of November 22, we had fresh snow, and I called the guys to plan our hunt," Hanson said. I think we both got buck fever this time! The Pope to be official, the scoring must be done by a club measurer. The primo buck that all of the hunters were after had been nicknamed Mufasa, or the Lion King, by Wagoner. typical. “Unfortunately, the buck got up and ran into a nearby aspen stand," Hanson said. I'm working all the time on the site and adding information all the time about the Whitetail.My idea for the site came from the fact that most hunters of whitetail deer believe you have to harvest a monster buck deer to be a good Whitetail Deer Hunter. Have a great day.Randy, Home | Bucks | Does | Fawns | Hunting | Whitetail Information | Products | Resources We shot but missed it. After half of the rack had been measured, one of the judges exclaimed, “Holy cow, I’m up over 150!” Cross said. Saskatchewan hunter Milo N. Hanson harvested the World's Record typical whitetail deer in 1992 . you need to be prepared to read about some giants of whitetail deer SCORE: 213-5/8LOCATION: Biggar, SaskatchewanHUNTER: Milo N. HansonOWNER: Milo N. HansonDATE: 1993, Length of main beam: The Ronnie Stevens Buck – Ohio Record Whitetail. “We moved up to the next willow run, and when the buck ran out it turned straight away from me," Hanson said. the measurement steps. It’d be fitting for the record to fall in 2019, just one year removed from a new world record non-typical whitetail and muley . The morning of Nov. 2, 2018, Brewster climbed into a treestand situated next to a popular doe bedding area. “When I first saw him, I said I wanted to hunt it,” he said. I aimed through my 4-power scope and fired another shot with my .308 Winchester Model 88 lever-action. This buck surpasses the previous world record non-typical whitetail shot by Michael Beatty (below) by nearly 34 inches. Just let us know how we can help you.And thanks for stopping by. Deer are judged by a complicated method that includes measurements of numerous aspects of the antlers, including the length of each point; the length, width and circumference of the main beams; and the width of the whole rack. “Unless he drops it and something breaks off.”. At the 22nd Big Game Awards Program in Dallas, Texas, the Boone and Crockett Club Judges’ Panel declared Hanson’s buck the new world’s record typical whitetail with a final score of 213-5/8 points. It turns out that this isn’t all that uncommon among mature bucks. You can learn many tips concerning fawn, doe and buck behaviors and successful hunting. Tucker’s kill is the “deer story of 2016 — and maybe the deer story of the decade,” Field & Stream proclaimed. The antlers, a spectacular protrusion of bones that splayed into dozens of points, were the stuff of hunting lore. Brothers Brent and Justin Cearlock and Ron Wagoner also do most of the hunting grunt work like putting in and maintaining food plots, hanging stands and using game cameras to monitor deer on the property. EXPLORE OTHER MEDIA 360 PROPERTIES FOR OUTDOORS ENTHUSIASTS, Haul Your Hunting Gear With This Rugged Pack, Should You Worry About Eating Venison? In both record books, the deer are classified as typical or Some antlers appear to grow wildly. record book, the next step is to contact one of the clubs and find Boone & Crocket world & Young records are maintained for deer that have been bow hunted Believe me, my heart was pumping! The buck ran flat out about 150 yards broadside from John and me. The group had been collecting photos of Mufasa for five years, watching the buck’s rack metamorphosize from a huge typical to a jaw-dropping, nontypical structure. The biggest rack ever measured was 333 ⅞ on a deer in Missouri, but that was a pickup, or found deer, not one shot by a hunter. Copyright 2008-2019. I saw its head over a clump of willows. ", Position Statement on Big Game Records and Hunting, North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. “I was blown away.”. We may post them on our site with a reply. World record whitetail deer are recorded in one or both record club books called "Pope & Young" and "Boone & Crocket". These measurements include This time, he got his buck. with stunning racks that many hunters only dream about finding. Tucker first spotted the deer before rifle season began, on land his family leases to farm in Gallatin, northeast of Nashville. About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy. The answer calculated by the hunter is called a

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