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iHeartMedia Boston announced today that Jeff Kuhner’s The Kuhner Report is returning to morning drive on WRKO-AM 680, The Voice of Boston, effective November 26. [43] American Radio Systems merged its station holdings with CBS Radio in 1998;[38] WRKO was spun off to Entercom, along with WAAF (now WKVB), WEEI (850 AM), WWTM (now WVEI) and WEGQ (now WEEI-FM), for $140 million.[44]. The station tried to compete with the surge in FM listening, first with a short-lived focus on album cuts and later by switching to more of an adult contemporary music format, featuring a morning program with market legend Norm Nathan. [48] WGBH-TV's Beat the Press reported that the news and traffic reporters were informed individually and received severance pay. There are also some nationally syndicated broadcasts of Laura Ingraham and Michael Savage’s shows. Ultimately, the RKO-NBC transaction never materialized. From 2005 to 2007, WRKO aired the Boston Celtics basketball games live. [57] After WXKS changed formats from talk radio to all-comedy in August 2012, both Rush Limbaugh and Coast to Coast AM returned to WRKO's lineup. Your like a Jerry Williams but now you will be on in the morning. In 2006, Entercom inked a 10-year deal to make WRKO the co-flagship station for the Red Sox Radio Network along with WEEI; WEEI once again became the sole flagship station on August 26, 2009. WMEX adopted the top 40 hits format in 1957, way ahead of WRKO’s switch, but it was not helped by its highly directional antenna which couldn’t reach many parts of the Boston suburbs especially during the night. 64kbps Boston Talk Station, Business News, News Talk Radio. [45] After a lengthy labor dispute between Carr and Entercom in 2007, WRKO dropped the program in November 2014, with Carr signing WMEX as a replacement affiliate for the Boston market. [68] On that date, it completed its acquisition of WRKO, WZLX, WKAF, and WBZ. Boston Herald, January 31, 1967, p. 35. Channel Website; Login to Save as Favorite; WRKO AM680 website address is aboutlink: "", cast:{ }, }); WRKO 680 “the voice of Boston” was launched in July 1922 with the name WNAC. But throughout the 1980s, WRKO's parent company, General Tire and Rubber, later renamed Gencorp, was under multiple federal investigations and ultimately under an FCC investigation due to its "lack of candor" for failing to disclose unlawful operations by General Tire. [6][10] WLAW-FM had its license surrendered, as WNAC-FM (98.5 FM) was retained by General Teleradio;[6] a separate station on 93.7 FM also licensed to Lawrence signed on in 1960 as WGHJ; now known as WEEI-FM. Joseph T. Sullivan. The Yankee Network was launched in 1929, and it served various stations in New England. The move to a Top 40 format in March 1967 was an enormous success. Its motto is “The Voice of Boston” and WRKO is really the second most ground-breaking radio station in Boston. (function() { Besides its main analog transmission, WRKO simulcasts over the HD2 subchannel of sister station WZLX,[1] and streams online via iHeartRadio. WRKO (and the growing popularity of FM rock stations) eventually drove WMEX to a format change in 1975, with WRKO remaining Boston's sole AM Top 40 station. They are available via online streaming on iHeartRadio. WRKO AM 680 is a talk-radio station located in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2005, WRKO started live streaming of its talk shows and other programs. WRKO (680 AM) – branded WRKO AM 680 – is a commercial news/talk radio station licensed to Boston, Massachusetts, serving Greater Boston and much of surrounding New England.Owned by iHeartMedia, WRKO is a Class B AM station that provides secondary coverage to portions of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine during the day, but is highly directional at night … [61], On February 2, 2017, CBS Radio announced it would merge with Entercom;[62] that October 10, CBS and Entercom placed WRKO, along with WKAF, WBZ, WBZ-FM, and WZLX, up for divestiture as part of the process of obtaining regulatory approval of the merger. USA and Canada Listeners only.. In 1941, it changed its broadcasting frequency to 1260kHz. [4] In mid-1951, WLAW and WLAW-FM moved to new studios at the Hotel Bradford in Boston.[5]. Listen Now. In announcing the decision, WRKO said that the station's local news and issues would be driven by the talk show hosts, instead of the news anchors. Broadcasting Magazine, July 2, 1951, p. 81. WRKO was propelled in its success by the introduction of the so-called Drake format originated by radio programmer Bill Drake. It broadcast on several frequencies before finally sticking with 1230kHz many years later. For the next decade, WRKO was one of Boston's top-rated radio stations, and absolutely dominant among its target audience of listeners in the 18-34 demographic. 1937 saw WNAC become an NBC Red Network member as an affiliate after CBS moved on to WEEI. In May 1975, WRKO's airborne traffic reporter, "The Red Baron" (Rick Blumberg), joined the morning team with Dale Dorman and Bill Rossi. "Modification of License." WNAC, along with WRKO-FM and WNAC-TV (Channel 7), were nearly sold by RKO General to NBC as part of a multi-city transaction and station trade between the two companies announced in March 1960. The station was licensed to operate in Lawrence, Massachusetts. WRKO 680 AM Boston MA, Talk radio. WRKO in 1967 even took a dig at market leader WBZ, a Westinghouse Broadcasting station that played popular music. They switched things up and adopted a top 40 hits broadcast format. It was founded by a Boston businessman, John Shepard III. Other popular programs to have aired on WRKO include the Rush Limbaugh Show, Coast to Coast AM show, the Howie Carr show, and lots more. WRKO has three local conservative talk shows on its weekday schedule; Jeff Kuhner hosts the drive time program, Doug Goudie hosts "VB in the Middle" in early afternoons, and The Howie Carr Show, hosted by Howie Carr, airs in late afternoons; the latter program is regionally syndicated to a number of other talk stations in New England, and the 4 p.m. [69] With the ownership change, WRKO added a simulcast on the HD-2 signal of WZLX. [6][7] WLAW's availability was seen as a way to "upgrade" the signal for WNAC; in 1947, the FCC denied a request to allow WNAC (1260 AM) to move to 1200 kHz and boost its power, using a directional 50,000-watt transmitter. — Alan Rupa (@AlanRupa) November 19, 2018. [46] WRKO and Howie reached an agreement to carry the show again on March 16, 2015, but with the station as an affiliate instead of acting as his employer.[47]. A year later, WNAC would be the first channel to organize a network broadcast with another radio station, WEAF in New York City.

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