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zipp 202 vs 303

The hubs roll with cartridge Swiss ABEC 5 bearings that need no preload or adjustment. They accelerate and climb a tad better. For context, I am coming from 17mm internal rim width, clincher, with 25m GP 5000s inflated to 90 PSI. There is a notable “curb” or drop off where the tread ends and the sidewall starts. The wide 25.4mm cross section works its magic as well, helping your tire’s sidewall absorb impact and create comfort with confident handling. Zipp learnt a lot from its latest 3Zero Moto MTB wheels launched last year with regards the strength to weight ratio of its carbon rims. – All-Around Road Disc Wheels These are designed for tubeless-ready tyres only (both road and gravel), and originally came from mountain bike wheels – like the Zipp 3Zero Moto mountain bike rims – though we have seen some adoption within the road/gravel market, most prominently through ENVE with the AR and more recent Foundation series of wheels. Choosing to ride them tubeless, which makes both more comfortable, and where you set the inflation pressure will likely have as much or more effect on your comfort than choosing between the wheels. They did acknowledge the breeze but it didn’t affect our steering or cause us to do anything unnatural. Setting them up tubeless was a bit harder than other tires. Top notch! We stuck with the 11-speed hub body, but it was very easy to swap without any tools needed. The problem, besides the “curb”, is also that the portion of the tire which has the tread is about 25% narrower than the SPO by comparison. Steve: After riding a loaner set of 303 Firecrests, I decided carbon wheels were worth the investment. Plumped up to about 26.5mm wide, at 85 psi front, 90 rear. The rims weigh 300g each, which is about 100g per rim less than 3.4, or even the 2.2s. Andrew: Do let us know how long they last. Good for them. If you find yourself riding on wet roads often, the 303 NSW will give you notably better braking. Yes, they climb like the proverbial bat out of hell, changing tempo instantly and easily handling big attacks, but the wheels are stiff enough to handle power numbers pure climbers can only dream of. If you run them at higher pressures, they feel as responsive as a whip. I have other cheaper rims and like them just as much. I don’t know if that’s Moose’s daredevil approach to going downhill on bikes (and skis) that he prefers but I do know he arrived safely at the bottom and was so excited after the ride he sent me a half dozen texts about his descent. That makes it even more surprising to see a more affordable wheelset as a launch for newer technology – as it's more often the opposite. are just some of the things you can do that will have a much bigger benefit than going up from 3.4s to Meilensteins. As well as being the cheapest carbon wheelset that Zipp has produced, the 303S rim is also the first of its carbon rims to be manufactured outside of the US, being made in the SRAM Taiwan manufacturing site where they also manufacture many other carbon components. It’s the clincher convenience and durability that makes these wheels transition so seamlessly to a training wheel, and it is here that a true all-around wheel is tested. 10% , 50%, 100% more…?). Either those manufacturers make rims of a quality worthy of lifetime warranty, or they are soon out of business when the claims start coming in for failed wheels. The Vittorias were all I could get on short notice. These reviews of the Zipp 303 NSW and Bontrager Aeolus XXX 4 wheelsets first appeared alongside reviews of other all around rim brake wheelsets in my post The Best Carbon Road Bike Wheels.. ZIPP 303 NSW – SAME NAME, NEW ATTRIBUTES, STILL TOP PERFORMANCE Little more than a year after Zipp introduced its first line of NSW wheels, it came out with an updated line in 2018. The better support a wider rim provides to the sidewalls of the same 25C tire makes a real difference. Durability. I wanted to push the aero edge as far as I could without degrading my climbing from the low profile carbons I have now. Once the testing began this climbing wheel turned out to be something special, it was stiff enough for big sprinters, it was tough enough for cyclo-cross and according to their wind tunnel data faster than a traditional 60mm deep airfoil aero rim. If you’ve got the watts in your legs, you can probably get these wheels up to speed much in the way a Corvette corals the horses under its hood to get you from 0 to 60 mph faster than most. John, You typically want 4-5mm of clearance on either side to allow for lateral deflection. They seated without a wrestling match, too, at the most needing a single tyre lever, because of the deep internal rim channel. Lastly, I notice that Enve has 5 year warranty and Zipp a two year. For us, the $1200 price difference between the two wheels tilts our favor arrow to the Shimano hoops, but be forewarned, when their 12-speed hit the market, the wheel will need to be replaced, just as all of the 10-speed Shimano wheels did when things went 11-speed. When you keep surfing on this site you agree with the cookie usage. No issues at all to report during use and no signs of early wear. Zipp came up with a pretty simple solution to aid a smoother rim and tyre transition – it got rid of the traditional inner ‘hook’ profile of the rim. After about eight rides, I took them off and literally threw them away. Sure thing. Anyone rode them yet? Most people will at least run 23mm tires and they perform better on wider rims. If you don’t want to subscribe, please turn your ad blocker off. “*seemingly* ignoring crosswinds”? Since both wheels shipped with the tubeless tape and valves installed, we just added some sealant and hit the road. If you are correct about the two-year failure time, then Zipp should ad a few more years because it would basically cost them nothing after two years. If you run them at lower pressure with tubeless tires, they seem to be even more surefooted than before. Everything else is different, especially the rim. The hub engagement is quiet, but only offer 18 points of engagement, leaving us wishing for more. We will see how long they last. No size recommendations are made for off-road/gravel use, because of the widely different conditions that people tend to ride – UK gravel being very different to US gravel, for example – but a suggested maximum of 50-55mm covers almost all gravel tyres and bikes. Weight: 1459 grams (w/ tubeless rim tape and valves). Yes, both wheels share the same 76/176 hubs, a hub set we really rated for ease of maintenance and simple standardised construction and the rear wheel sticks to 24 spokes laced in a two-cross pattern. Thanks. It is quite refreshing to have a new wheelset released, and especially one from a major brand like Zipp, that doesn't just make claims about wind tunnel aerodynamic performance. So, which one would you suggest for both climbing, but also aero advantages. I currently have a late-2018 set of Zipp 303 Firecrest (rim/clincher). ... 303S vs 302. I was probably thinking back to the earlier Firecrests which didn’t have it. The rim is 37mm deep with an internal width of 17mm and an external width of 24mm. Some of this may just be common sense, but a lot goes into a company’s process regarding establishing the terms of a warranty. The recommendation comes from testing, and Zipp claims this will be the fastest size overall for road use. By comparison, the replacment SPOs I installed two nights ago are holding air without ANY sealant being added. Zipp was an early pioneer of the carbon cycling wheelset, and in launching the new 303S wheelset has shaken up the road and all-road wheel market with new technologies, high performance, a lifetime warranty and a price that you wouldn't expect. Zipp 303 is our go-to wheelset for all-roads ahead. We want a tubeless version. It has been studied and written about by countless eggheads and economists because of how it affects the marketplace. I’m 40 and weigh 170 pounds and I mostly ride on paved roads, some laps in parks and some hills here and there (no more than 12% grade).

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