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kentucky mammoth cave agartha

The cave is presented by a state-of-the-art lighting system with modern concrete trails and safety hand railings throughout. Mammoth Cave is a purported entrance … Get the MegaPack collection now for this great price. Upon landing, he was met by ambassadors of what we assume to be “The Old Ones,” who made their concern about the use of nuclear bombs clear. Mysterious Universe is a property of 8th Kind Pty Ltd. Mammoth Cave National Park is a U.S. National Park in central Kentucky, encompassing portions of Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system known in the world. Knowledgeable guides explain the unique geology and fascinating history of the cave during the one hour long guided tour. According to legend, Shambhala would be in the Gobi Desert within Agartha. The word Shambhala in itself means, ‘the place of peace, of tranquillity.’ It is also known in other cultures such as in Hinduism, it is known by the name Aryavartha which basically means the Land of the Noble/Worthy Ones”. What has Airbnb been telling you?”, Perhaps we should pool our money and send one person to be our ambassador of Earth to meet with the ambassador of Agartha. Some even claim that many sources of energy from the core of the earth are actually put out by the kingdom of Agatha. While it may not work towards proving the existence of Agartha, this is one of the most interesting factors revolving around it. Interestingly, German scientists in 1935 were also known to have created illustrations of Agartha. Some go as far as to claim that Hitler somehow escaped to Agartha and now lives there. He made many trips to the poles and this one stands out among them due to him supposedly seeing and finding Agartha. These beings, known as ‘The Old Ones’ are said to be spiritually and mentally much more progressed than humans and also the protectors of the overworld. Unlike on the surface, this kingdom is said to be inhabited by a race much more intelligent and evolved than humans. He says that it is a kingdom distributed into eight zones. The Old Ones generally remain aloof from the surface peoples, but from time to time, they have been known to offer constructive criticism; and it has been said, they often kidnap human children to tutor and rear as their own.”. A Tour of the Cave and Valley includes a 20-minute Historical River Walk to the Cave opening emphasizing history, geology/hydrology, and folklore; followed by a 20-to-25 minute Boat Tour into the cave. The photo inserted below is a basic layout and map of sorts showing Agartha within the earth. The kingdom is basically said to sit within the earth and be there instead of the core we all presume exists. At the centre of all this is the Central sun which is probably what we know as the core and what emits the energy and heat required to keep the world going and probably run Agartha as well. Are you afraid we humans will trash your hotel rooms? Could you help out and Suggest a Topic for a Future Blog Post? He wrote of them as an ancient race that populated the surface world millions of years ago and then moved underground. If you’re worried about how things are going topside, help is on its way from down under … WAY down under. “This will be the first step in a public disclosure initiative from those from the Inner Earth – the Kingdom of Agartha, to the people of Earth. Many cultures and religions tell various accounts of this underground world, which is said to have secret entrances in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave, Brazil, Ecuador, Tibet, Mongolia, India and in other caves and mysterious places worldwide. Join us on this journey. Shambala is one of the most well-known cities of its kind and is known as a great with peace and knowledge. Lost River Cave has one of the largest cave openings in the Eastern United States. They took their vast knowledge with them and occasionally release bits of it to the surface dwellers. Your email address will not be published. Emerson’s writings tell us about a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen, who had supposedly sailed within the Earth through an opening in the ocean. According to the website of Sacred Spirit Tours, Tamarinda Maassen is the founder of Kogaion Secret Travel and the CEO and founder of Svit.RO Consciousness, Energy, and Reality. Some experiments from the Third Reich have the assumption that the earth is hollow as a given and was supposedly a believed fact by them. Outlaw Cave is part of Kentucky Action Park and Jesse James Riding Stables. Well, while it may seem impossible and totally outlandish, we actually haven’t seen what is below the surface of the earth past a certain depth. Your email address will not be published. He suddenly was met with warmth, greenery and many Mammoth-like creatures. We invite all of Humanity to attend this public Symposium – and learn more about this ancient civilization, and their timely message to Humanity.”. According to an alleged diary entry written about his journey, Byrd was nearing the northernmost peak of the globe when the temperature started to change. According to the work of novelist Willis George Emerson, Agartha is said to be a hidden civilization in Central Asia. A press release sent out on June 30 revealed that Tamarinda Maassen, the “Official Ambassador of Agartha,” will speak at the Agartha to Humanity World Symposium in Garden City, New York, on August 25-27. Who by our direction, have published our communications through news articles, and selected media outlets.”. Copyright © Mysterious Universe. It is the abode of the King of the World along with his council of 12 wise individuals. The list below is a basic compilation of all the known and reported entrances or routes leading to Agartha. The Old Ones are hominid, extremely long-lived, and pre-date Homo sapiens by more than a million years. Within this boundary, the whole area is covered by natural land formations such as mountains and oceans along with the capital city of Shambala and a few other cities such as Rainbow city. Group rates are available for groups of 10 or more. The American Cave Museum is a self-guided museum with two floors of exhibits dealing with caves, groundwater and pollution. Guided tours descend 150′ underground. Mammoth Cave National Park was established to preserve the cave system, including Mammoth Cave, the scenic river valleys of the Green and Nolin rivers, and and hilly karst terrain typical of south central … If you liked this post and want to keep up with future posts, subscribe to our newsletter by scrolling down or filling the Subscription Form here. View the remains of a turn of the century hydroelectric system, walk above the Hidden River and witness awe-inspiring chambers. There is also a large amount of evidence claiming that the Nazis spent a lot of resources and conducted experiments in search of Agartha. /. We invite you to come and learn about your true ancient history that has been purposefully hidden from you by a great and powerful cabal.”. While it doesn’t say how she was appointed, Maassen is also called a “reputable Knight of the Order of the Warrior Knights of Agartha” and an ambassador of Agartha. “To the people of Earth we have watched your development for eons, and now is the time to reconnect with our extended family around the World. Remote Viewing: From Russia to the United States and From the U.K. to Who Knows Where? The most known reference of The Old Ones is from an article named “The Hollow Earth: Myth or Reality” by Brad Steiger. (maybe even Hitler?!). A Nineteenth-century French occultist named Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre is also known to be one of the few who published writings about Agartha. The obvious question that arises to mind is, does Agartha actually exist? In addition to our presentations at Symposium there will be a questions and answer sessions with the public. Area legend has it that famous outlaws such as Jesse James, hid out in OUTLAW CAVE and as well as other area caves. Judging by this illustration, we can assume that the boundary line of Agartha begins approximately 800-1,000 miles or 1,300 kilometres below the Earth’s surface. The kingdom is basically said to sit within the earth and be there … For any future post suggestions or comments please feel free to contact me on any of our social media pages or leave a comment below! As seen in the illustration, there are supposedly many entrances to Agartha scattered across the globe. While they made many scientific discoveries, there was no evidence of Agartha but if the maps are correct, they were only about 1% of the depth needed to cross into the mystical kingdom. The legendary land of Shambala (also known as Shamballah) which is a Buddhist mythical city is sometimes said to be its capital city. Good news, surface dwellers. To give a bit of a premise here, Admiral Richard E. Byrd was in the U.S. Navy and pioneered initial exploration of the poles. It is an enormous kingdom that stretches under the entire surface of the earth, through an elaborate system of tunnels that connect across the globe and under it. This is probably the best illustration to date as along with the basics, it shows things like the location of Shamballa and many entrances to Agartha. OUTLAW CAVE offers a 35-minute non-strenuous, guided tour filled with beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and other breath taking formations. The letter also names some well known german generals who were heavily involved in the hollow-Earth theory. Tags Agartha Ancient Civilization Bizarre hollow earth hominid Paranormal. Better book your rooms early because all of humanity is invited and those Airbnb rentals go fast. There have been attempts to drill down as far as possible to see what’s there but none have reached too far. The Kola Superdeep Borehole made it about 7 miles/11 km which is the deepest anyone has any such hole has ever been dug. It is said that their primary goal was to find Agartha to make it an emergency city for Hitler to escape to in case they lost the war or some unknown circumstances befell upon them.

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