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Instagram Flashback: Thailand

Instagram is our in-the-moment communication with you!

But, from time to time, we like to wander down memory lane and remind you (and ourselves) where Uncontained Life has been and what we’ve experienced. Ready to flash-back a few months? Here are some favorite Instagrams we posted while we were in Thailand! 

Kicking things off…a view of Bangkok’s totally awesome Chao Phraya River!

Bangkok Thailand  Chao Phraya River

Admiring Wat Pho’s colorful stupas…

Wat Pho in Bangkok is inspiring.Lumpini Park is a great place to meet new friends!

Lumphini Park Monitor LizardOur favorite of the many malls of Bangkok: Terminal 21. (Be sure to check out the creative bathrooms!) These shots were taken on the San Fransisco-themed floor (is it just me or does staring down at those tiny cars make you feel like Godzilla?)

Terminal 21 Bangkok MallOur favorite Thai snack: iced coffee and kanom krok (coconut rice) pancakes. When these suckers are hot out of the pan they practically melt in your mouth!

Coconut Pancakes Thailand

As our guesthouse owner put it: Thai breakfast is the same as Thai lunch or dinner…you just add an egg.

Thai Breakfast

Fish ball soup (with a sausage of unknown source-material thrown in to keep things interesting). 

Noodles Sausage Beer Thailand

Just one of the many mouth-watering baked goods that we enjoyed.

Banana Pie

When you visit Thailand in April, an ice pop isn’t a treat, it’s a survival strategy.

Thailand Popsicle WatermelonDon’t forget your Thai Iced Tea (I.E. liquid crack…so, so good).

Thai Iced TeaJust an hour train ride away from Bangkok: temple ruins in Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya Temple RuinsAyutthaya Temples Uncontained LifeDo you know where the closest ocean access is to Bangkok?  We do!

Bangkok Seaview Restaurant We loved everything about Chiang Mai. The Elephants getting a bath in the river. The train ride. The local cat. The little wooden carvings. Everything.

IG_Thailand_1_2015-113 IG_Thailand_1_2015-119 Chiang Mai Wood Carving Local Chiang Mai CatAnd Koh Chang was the perfect island escape…from the beach…

Koh Chang Boats IG_Thailand_1_2015-135

…to our epic journey around Koh Chang’s east side to explore the island’s mangroves forests…

Koh Chang PierIG_Thailand_1_2015-139Koh Chang Mangrove Walkway

…all facilitated by some highly-skilled scootering. That there is a man who has stared death in the face ? (seriously though, some of Ko Chang’s “hills” are crazy-pants)

Scooter Koh Chang Uncontained LifeThanks for letting us visit, Thailand! We’ll be back soon.

Koh Chang BeachBuddha Luang Po To Thailand Bangkok Fireworks Chao Phraya River

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