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Uncontained Life is a travel and lifestyle resource dedicated to helping our audience travel more frequently, confidently, and mindfully. 

We believe the best time to travel is NOW, and we do all we can to help our site visitors accomplish their own travel dreams. We write articles, capture photographs and create videos that entertain, inform, and inspire our audience, and take them one step further toward authentic, in-depth cultural experiences. 

Our History

Hillary Branman, (a writer and educator with a PhD in English from The University of California at Irvine) and Justin (Film Director, Videographer, and Photographer with an MFA in Film and Television Production from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco) first brainstormed the idea for Uncontained Life in 2013 during a roadtrip from Long Beach, California to New Orleans, Louisiana. Their own experience with traveling to the Middle East, Central America, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, and North America had taught them to treat each new location as a guest would treat a host in their home. They shared a passion for being thoughtful world-citizens who vacation as “good neighbors” in the communities and countries showing them hospitality.

As they returned to their Long Beach home from their roadtrip, they began to set the wheels in motion to build a website where the audience would discover wonderful places to visit, receive valuable travel tips that would help them save money and travel safely, and, generally, be inspired to get out and travel more.

 Since then, Hillary and Justin have worked to create intelligent, informational, and inspiring content across multiple media platforms while traveling slowly and responsibly around the globe.

Hillary Branman PhD travel writer uncontained life

Hillary Branman-Owner: Hillary writes articles and blog posts, shoots additional photography and creates content for social media.


Justin Baird travel photographer uncontained life

Justin Baird-Owner: Justin captures photographs, produces videos, writes blog content, and creates social media content.