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Back on the Road, Uncontained Life

Back On the Road Again

There’s a general assumption out there that the second time around for well, anything really, isn’t as exciting as the first time. Think about it: from your first word to your first kiss and beyond, people make the biggest fuss over that initial experience–implying that firsts matter more than subsequent attempts. Maybe it’s just me, […]

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El Mejor Cambio, Campamento, Santiago, Maipu, Chile, Uncontained Life

How the Other Half Lives: Visiting Campamento Japon in Santiago Chile

More often than not, when we’re visiting a country as tourists, we’re relatively protected from seeing—to steal a phrase—“how the other half lives.” There’s not necessarily anything insidious about that fact: it makes sense that the places most visited by tourists are the shiniest and (typically) most prosperous. But the fact that we, personally, seldom […]

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Parque das Aves, Iguassu, Brazil, Uncontained Life

33 Photos from Brazil’s Parque das Aves That Will Give You Wings

You know those times you decide to visit a place with rather low expectations only to discover it’s actually flippin’ fantastic? Brazil’s Parque das Aves was totally one of those for me and Justin. This 12-acre sanctuary just across the road from the famous Iguazu Falls National Park boasts over 150 species of bird life…which is cool. […]

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Calling Out the B.S. of “Transformative Travel”

Every day, in every aspect of life, we’re bombarded with messages aimed squarely at our “pain points”: messages crafted, specifically, to make us feel anxious about our circumstances or exacerbate our fears that, in some way or other, we (or our fruit tarts) don’t measure up. Case in point: when Justin and I talk to […]

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