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Back on the Road, Uncontained Life

Back On the Road Again

There’s a general assumption out there that the second time around for well, anything really, isn’t as exciting as the first time. Think about it: from your first word to your first kiss and beyond, people make the biggest fuss over that initial experience–implying that firsts matter more than subsequent attempts. Maybe it’s just me, […]

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Calling Out the B.S. of “Transformative Travel”

Every day, in every aspect of life, we’re bombarded with messages aimed squarely at our “pain points”: messages crafted, specifically, to make us feel anxious about our circumstances or exacerbate our fears that, in some way or other, we (or our fruit tarts) don’t measure up. Case in point: when Justin and I talk to […]

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Cider House, Madrid, Spain, Uncontained Life

Sipping on Cider in a Madrid Cider House

Celebrating in Madrid with Cider. Years before Justin and I decided to start Uncontained Life, we made a decision that fundamentally changed our lives: we stopped buying one another things for birthdays and holidays, and started treating ourselves to experiences. This change happened more or less spontaneously; we didn’t make a rule against buying things, it just kind of […]

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Traveling as a Couple, Uncontained Life

One Year of Uncontained Life

Can you believe it? We can’t. It has been one year since we left our Long Beach, California home to become full-time travelers. Since then, we have visited 18 countries, flown on 23 airplanes, partnered with over a dozen small businesses and three tourist boards, drank more than 2000 cups of coffee, and published 110 […]

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going to the movies in Montenegro, Uncontained Life

May the Force Be With Bu…dva

In Montenegro, where the population of the capital city, Podgorica, is less than half  that of our hometown, Long Beach, California (roughly 500,000 people), finding certain amenities can, occasionally, prove challenging. No, I’m not talking about 24 hour pharmacies or grocery stores the size of baseball fields. I’m talking about something that really matters…I’m sure you guessed it: movie theaters. Yes, […]

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