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going to the movies in Montenegro, Uncontained Life

May the Force Be With Bu…dva

In Montenegro, where the population of the capital city, Podgorica, is less than half  that of our hometown, Long Beach, California (roughly 500,000 people), finding certain amenities can, occasionally, prove challenging. No, I’m not talking about 24 hour pharmacies or grocery stores the size of baseball fields. I’m talking about something that really matters…I’m sure you guessed it: movie theaters. Yes, […]

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Nuremburg, Bratwurst, Beer, Uncontained Life, Germany

A Beery Good Time in Nuremberg, Germany

Ah, Nuremberg. The ultimate Franconian city. Famous for its gorgeous medieval architecture and Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas market)… …infamous for the the“Nuremberg Laws” and Nazi Party Nuremberg Rallies of the 1930’s. (Ever seen Triumph of Will? Chilling.) Justin and I arrived ready to sightsee the you-know-what out of Nuremberg during our short visit. And while we did get to see some of this […]

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