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The Mindful Traveler’s Checklist

You all know we like to keep it fun here on the blog, but we also want to make sure we’re giving you the travel tips and resources that will help you most when you’re on the road. Justin and I started because we believe being a mindful traveler leads to better experiences—better for you, […]

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So Your Passport Was Stolen…Now What?

For most world-travelers, replacing a lost or stolen passport while abroad will remain the stuff of bad dreams. But what if the worst does in fact happen? It might be a blow, but replacing a lost or stolen passport really doesn’t have to be the end of the world. (After all, a huge part of traveling […]

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Practical Tips for Solo Female Travel

For this post, Uncontained Life is very pleased to welcome long-term expat and solo traveler, Ellie Thometz. We hope that you enjoy her tips for solo female travel! A Beginner’s Guide to Solo Female Travel Abroad Since moving to Germany about four years ago, I have done what I can to travel as much as […]

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