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Adventure and Mindfulness with Bambike Ecotour’s Tour of Intramuros

The red tiles whipped past under my tires. Overhead, the white stone and arched brick roof blurred as I glided through the chambers of the Maestranza Wall. I was flying through history–through foreign occupations, through a World War and through painstaking restoration. I was seeing Manila’s past and present combine and unfold in front of me, chamber by chamber. […]

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Smartphone Favorite Travel Apps

6 Travel Apps You Need Before Going Abroad

In today’s mobile world, a smartphone is one of the most powerful tools in the world traveler’s arsenal. From booking inexpensive flights, to finding the correct way to ask “is this chicken?” in foreign restaurants, these travel apps (all available for both iPhone and Android) will help make planning and enjoying any adventure just a little bit […]

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Hiking Costa Brava, Spain, Uncontained Life

Beautiful Hiking in Costa Brava, Spain

Hiking in Costa Brava, Spain offers even the busiest travelers the chance to get out into nature… After our fast-paced Morocco adventure, we decided (needed) to slow down and make camp in the quiet, seaside town of Sant Feliu de Guixoles in northeastern Spain. Thanks to the fact that it was shoulder season (we love shoulder […]

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Renting a car in Morocco, Uncontained Life

Tips for Renting a Car in Morocco

Renting a car in Morocco is an easy and fun way to see amazing sights (like the Sahara Desert!) That said, there are a number of country-specific quirks you want to know before hitting the road. Here are our best tips for renting a car in Morocco: 1) Follow speed limits religiously – The main reason […]

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Fes 1-1073

Three Years and 40 Countries of Uncontained Life

We recently crossed two thresholds: three years of full-time travel in which time we visited 40 countries!  Happy Anniversary! After a fast-paced month in Morocco, Hillary and I were glad to take a few weeks to decompress on Costa Brava: the northern coast of Spain. The beautiful trails that follow the natural rock formations, pebble and […]

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Narikala Fortress, Tbilisi, Georgia, Uncontained Life

Tbilisi, Georgia On My Mind

Like Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia’s capital city is often reduced to the cliché of East meets West. But in fact, Tbilisi is more of melting pot. More than 100 distinct ethnic groups –including Armenians, Russians, Jews, and Greeks — live peaceably in the midst of the majority Georgian population. Synagogues sit next to Orthodox Cathedrals, […]

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road trip through Transylvania, Romania, Uncontained Life

Transylvania is Simply Picture Perfect

When traveling the world, we always try to look for the beauty in things. That said, there are few places that straight-up look like a fairy tale come to life. But Romania’s Transylvania region is exactly that. Back before we left California, what we knew about Transylvania was gleaned from the various iterations of Dracula…and Young Frankenstein. So, basically, […]

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