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Spend your vacation time traveling instead of packing and unpacking.

When it comes to travel gear, you may think that you need this and that and those and these…but it’s just not true. If you pack for every possible contingency, then yes, you will be totally prepared when you are unexpectedly invited to a black and white ball on top of a mountain peak only accessible by foot. However, in our experience, most of those “just-in-case” items end up staying in your luggage, contributing added weight to your bags.

Uncontained Life Travel Bags PackingHere at Uncontained Life we believe in packing light, but more so, in packing right.

Packing right means sorting through the items that are actually “essential” travel gear for your adventures and travel style. It means choosing the right items to carry: gear that is versatile, compact, high quality, and tried and tested. It means being organized (even if that’s not your “normal.”) Most importantly, it means freeing yourself from the stress (and back-strain) of lugging a bunch of stuff that won’t improve the quality of your travel experience.

We hope our packing lists and tips help you as you plan your own adventures around the world!

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We consistently adjust what travel gear we’re carrying to meet our present needs, so check back for updates as we move to different regions and through different seasons.

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