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FLTRgo Travel Coffee Filter

In our adventures, particularly outside of city centers, we had difficulty finding a good cup (or four) of coffee. We did find espresso drinks but we prefer filtered coffee.

We started looking for a product we could take with us, but, French Presses, V60 drips, and other coffee makers are bulky, heavy, or require disposable filters. We started thinking about how to make a filter that was reusable, lightweight, could make multiple cups of coffee, and took up very little space in my luggage.

In June of 2016, we flew to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and were offered a cup of coffee from from the host of our accommodations. We watched as he boiled water, added coffee grounds,and then poured the coffee through what looked like a sock! Luckily it wasn’t a sock. It was a fabric filter on a wire ring. When we asked our host where he got the filter, he sent us to an eclectic shop in Rio’s Chinatown where they sold plumbing supplies, electronics, and these fabric coffee filters. We bought a dozen.

While these filters met the basic requirements for making filtered coffee, they had a few drawbacks. The fabric quality was not so good, which affected the taste of the coffee. The stitching fell apart after awhile. The wire ring was not very strong and would bend under the weight of coffee and water and become warped during travel.

We thought to ourselves, “We can make something better than this!”

And, over the next few months, we did.

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